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IDE Coding / Personal Writing

Some Updates from B3

. 1 min read . Written by Ban Nguyen
Some Updates from B3

From On This Day, September 1st was the date when I left three of my previous companies. Damn, I can only blame Mercury Retrograde. There were nothing wrong to these good companies.

I read Donny Truong.

I played KERNTYPE sometimes. It’s a lie. I played it once then thought it was way too cool to bookmark for later. Maybe I will play it again after posted this post.

I joined Leo Burnett Vietnam today last year. I was busy like hell after that. Learnt a lot of stuffs. Income improved a bit as well.

I started with film camera again after 3 years without any awesome reasons to explain about why did I stop.

Btw, I wanted to share the stuffs below months ago, but I was too lazy to compose a post (or maybe I didn’t want to share so I kept them for myself)

That’s it.