Awards Winning

Long story short, I won some MMA’s golden trophies. The winning project is Shake to Own. The categories are Most Engaging Mobile Creative, Mobile Website and of course, Best in Show. That made me an awards winning digital producer now. Yay!

Awards Winning
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

I did announce this good news on my friend-only Instagram account because I tended to keep it low. But then I think I should share it here too. What if this blog still has some followers? So, let’s cheer for my good news. Thank you very much.

Winning awards doesn’t make my work easier, or my CV looks cool because as mentioned before, I tended to keep my profile low. But winning awards is proof that I am still here working my ass off on cool stuff like Shake to Own, T2MO, and TLPN which I did the best so they won some prizes. Haha, that means I am good at my digital producer job. The fact that I am still good at something means a lot to me. Haha…

At last, I am very appreciative to the Samsung team for giving us the chance to make Shake to Own alive. I learned a lot from it.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.