3 facts about B3:
(aka The Owner of this site)

  • Based on Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Digital Producer by day.
  • #pocthe1st's beloved daddy by night.
  • Dogs feeder for the next tweenty years, he wishes.
  • Not too good as math. And also as everything.

About B3?

Back in the time when B3 was blogging a lot. He wrote about Web Standards. He wrote about Grid System. He wrote about his start-up. And his amazing trips with his family. And stuffs. Therefore blogging became a habit. When he has something in mind he blogs. To log down the ideas. The note down the beloved moments. To pour down the crazyness out of his head for good.

Blogging slightly helped B3 to improve his writing, both in Vietnamese and English. He learned a lot from blogging, from friends who read his blogs and reached for beers and talks. Of course, not all his writing is a goodread. But they are stuffs that he got to share. Think of them as the best way to get to know about B3. And place your bet, this is the easiest way.

Why English?

The Owner said: “It’s my website, I have all the rights to do it. Peace!”

Where are all your old posts?

They are out of date. Let them go.

Why Gatsby?

This was Wordpress serving this website all those years. Lately Jekyll did a great job. Now Gatsby is the successor. Want to know why? Proceed an audit with Lighthouse on this site and you might see. Plus, Wordpress was too heavy for the smallest plan of Digital Ocean while Jekyll and Gatsby have their own free hosting solution thanks to Github, Gitlab, Netlify. Then, free -t -m no more. Way cool, right?

That’s it.

Thanks for reading,

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