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About B3

3 facts about B3:
(aka The Owner of this site)

This is #pocthe1st, the official heir of The Owner
This is #pocthe1st, the official heir of The Owner.

About B3?

Believe him when he says he was tired to write beautiful words about himself. Belive him when he says that some idiot said that “to know about a man, read his writing, not his history in brief”. Believe him when he says that it’s not about him but about the universe that he always feels sorry to share with you. Believe him when he says there is not about B3 section but you can still get to know him if you spend enough time on this website. Yeah, believe the man because if you don’t, you will find that life is better than sitting in the dark reading these rants from a fat guy who you will never know.

Why English?

Well, this website started with Vietnamese, then switched to English, then switched back to Vietnamese again. This Vietnamese version lasted for a while. Now it seems the website have switched to English for good. And then The Owner says: “It’s my website, I have the right to do it. Yay me!”.

Where are all your old posts?

They are all out of date. Let them go.

Why Jekyll?

This was Wordpress serving this website all those years. Now Jekyll is its successor. It’s all because The Owner decided to change his writing platform. As for now when he wants to write he will open his favorite IDE Sublime Text 3 to write down this wise words into a text file which will be saved as a markdown file. And then he pushs this new markdown file as a new Jekyll’s node to GitLab Pages, and BAM!!!, a new blog post appears on this website. Way too cool, right?

That’s it. free -t -m no more.

What theme is it?

This website was previous themed by Lanyon from @mdo. Lanyon is always free, Otto rocks.

Early this week, the week before 2016’s Xmas, The Owner found Tufte CSS and he decided to make a new theme based on this incredible web articles style guide and the top-notch webfont et book. After sixteen hours predending that he was working very hard, B3 did it. The new version was pushed to Github Page on Dec 23th, 2016 and for sure it will be counted as the only product The Owner successfully rolled out within the year.

Thanks for reading,

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