IT IS ALL B3 where he writes his head up.


I feel great. Haha.

I Submitted a Request

Last year I backed an awesome campaign on IndieGogo. The campaign owners said that they will made chargers with have convenient features like magnetic adapters or super fast charging speed. The campaign owners got $335,339 USD total funds raised. And then they went away.

Is It an Emoji?

No, you are not seeing it wrong. There is an emoji at the end of the url of the first bullet on the list below. Spoiler alert! This article is an amazingly good read about webdesigners and their medium to create their works.

Her Happy Feet

In March, I went to a government office to finish some paperwork. Normally at other offices, eg. banks, I will need to press a button on a machine to take a ticket before get in a queue. There was no this kind of machine at this office. They had a girl doing the ticket work manually. This girl had happy feet.

Fun with Flags

This end of March node will be a list. Awesome stuffs ahead, read on.