IT IS ALL B3 where he writes his head up.

The Bad News

The Tet Holiday of 2016 is coming, I am eager to celebrate the nation-wide official new year holiday. Everything looks great until a foreign virus decides to ship some bad news. This virus, Zika, loves to eat our brain. Dang, it’s creepy. Please read the article above to equip a basic knowledge about Zika. It’s highly recommended.

Can You See the Difference?

The Wife dyed her hair, it was lovely. But then the question came. One of the scariest questions which no husband want to be asked.

This Is Us

I like to draw. The sketch below is one of my pieces. It only took me 5 mins to draw, 2s to take a shot, attach and send it via Whatsapp to my wife. And then she answered that she loved it. Perfect!

Yet Another New M

Don’t worry. Mallory is still alive. Also, the new M won’t replace him as James Bond’s line manager. It might be James’ next assistant. A personal assistant which is built-in inside Facebook Messenger.

Oh! Quentino Quentino

Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, The Hateful Eight (2016), is coming to screen in Vietnam. Woohoo!