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Saigon Metro Map 10 Jan 2018

Just read an article about the work of James Clark. He creates a map for the incoming Saigon Metro. At first sight I couldn’t believe that this is the metro map of Saigon but somewhere else. He did a great job. I respect.

Saigon Metro Map
Saigon Metro Map

For the full high res version, click here.

For the article which I mentioned above, click here.

To be honest, when thinking about Saigon Metro and its slow-moving and inactive roadmap I always wonder about the chance that I can use the metro before I get too old. Clark’s work gives me another thought. It proved that the roadmap of Saigon Metro was clear enough so that a foreigner like Clark had all the information to finish his professional, detail and easy to use metro map. The point is: Clark started his work without thinking about the feasibility of the project. Why shouldn’t I?

Also, while you are here, Happy New Year 2018!!!

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