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Tet Holiday 2018 is Coming 07 Feb 2018

B3, The Owner of this website, he doesn’t like Tet Holiday.

As a normal human being, B3 likes a lot of stuffs:

  1. He likes coffee. He used to like phin coffee. For now he is so into cold brew (well, thanks to dltr87).
  2. He likes travelling. Especially Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore where he has been to several times. He also likes Japan where he bought his Apple Watch gen 2 which just broke but couldn’t apply for the warranty in Vietnam.
  3. He lives coding. He started coding again from last year’s last quarter. He set-up an amazing CLI workflow in his laptop. He learnt NodeJS, React again and built some simple but useful stuffs from scratch.
  4. He likes good foods.
  5. He likes cute girls. Thanks God his wife is so cute. :D Sometimes she drives B3 crazy but while doing it, her cuteness was overloaded.

But he doesn’t like Tet Holiday. He used to, but he stopped.

That’s why during Tet, he will be travelling. Yes, the only goodness of Tet Holiday to The Owner for now is it gives him a lot of days off.

So, travel is the way ha(?).

Btw, while you are still here, Happy New Tet Holiday 2018! Thanks for coming here and read about B3! He wishes you all the best!

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