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B3 Uses ImageOptim Cli for Batch Images Optimisation 19 Jan 2018

This is another story about B3, The Owner of this blog, uses ImageOptim for batch images optimisation.

Instead of optimise his ImageMagick solution to support batch images optimization. The Owner decided to dig the interweb again and easily found a solution. Five years ago someone did post this article to Smashing Magazine. B3 gave it a try and then made it.

His workflow was simple:

Step 1

Install ImageOptim: ImageOptim

Step 2

Install ImageAlpha: ImageAlpha

Step 3

Don’t Install JPEGmini: Can’t afford

The Real Step 3

Install ImageOptim CLI: npm install -g imageoptim-cli

Step 4

The Command: imageoptim -a -q -d path-to-images-folder


  1. The workflow overrides optimised images to the same folder so need to backup the original images to another location.
  2. More information:

That’s it. Story ends.

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